Darien Connecticut

2.4mR Nationals in 2008 at Darien Boat Club

Darien Connecticut might be the place for you this year. With a population of about 21,000 people, Darien has all the amenities of a large city with a small-town vibe. Darien’s school systems  for example are ranked some of the best in the Northeast and in 2013 was  ranked at No. 1 for having the best high school in Connecticut.

With the Merrit Parkway close by and  I-95 running through the town, Darien is very accessible. Moreover, less than an hour and a half away lies New York city, which many people commute to or other close-by cities for work.

Tilley Pond Park in Darien CT

The town also is home to an array of both private and public spaces for recreation. From golf courses, to public beaches, to nature parks, Darien has it all. As one of the top earning towns in the U.S., the Country Club of Darien and the Darien Boat Club are by far two of the most popular private clubs in the town, although there are other clubs for activities such as a yachting, horseback riding and golfing.

Darien overall sports a safe and comfortable image as a town where it is easy to raise kids. Its a town where parents can be close to their jobs without living in a city, and also having the comfort of raising kids with some of the best education systems around and plenty of recreational activities.

Gorham Bridge in Darien

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Image Credit: Bill Blevins

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